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Meaningful Innovations at CES 2023 and Their Impact

CES 2023 is in the books and once again we have a glimpse into leading-edge tech industry innovations that will be available in the near future. This year’s CES showcased many innovations that even will be in the market within the next three years.

Mobility Solutions

It is undeniable that mobility was the star of the show. Mobility is a very inclusive category even though most of us immediately picture robo-taxis and autonomous cars. A key element in the mobility landscape is safe navigation and engineers all over the world are developing solutions at an accelerating pace. For example, the sensor suite is comprised of cameras, radar, and lidar that make a vehicle smart. While these are not new innovations, they are being taken to new levels with novel improvements that flow through hardware and the software needed to make the data useful for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine vision.  

Bill Mayer from Ann Arbor SPARK and Roger Peene of MemryX demonstrate the ability to differentiate objects.

Navigating a several-thousand-pound vehicle is serious business. Lane detection is one thing, but how does the vehicle differentiate between a bird and a pedestrian? Or a plastic shopping bag? It sounds mundane, but it is a difficult engineering challenge. One that machine vision is solving.

Ann Arbor-based MemryX is one company addressing the massive computing load necessary to achieve machine vision. Born out of the University of Michigan, the company accomplishes this through its scalable chip array architecture. Cheaper, faster, and better, the MemryX solution allows AI and novel modeling methods to work faster and provide better driver monitoring, which directly translates to safer.

Other Innovations

Marine: If you’re in Michigan, then you can’t help but have an appreciation for freighters on the Great Lakes. While majestic, they are propelled by massive diesel engines. Hyundai is on its way to disrupting that. Electrification, wind power, and crewless operation could have a meaningful impact on what we pay for goods to the global climate.

Automotive: Color-changing paint was a big reveal from BMW and VW. Is it cool? Yes. Did they prove it can be done? Yes. Will it be an option on your vehicle anytime soon? Absolutely not. But there are real possibilities for novel brake lights, turn signals, and more. It’s part of the fun and really taps into your imagination.

Beyond the Tech

Our friends at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation hosted a matchmaking event and reception that allowed Ann Arbor and other Michigan-based startups to participate. It was a fun evening that enabled great conversations between engineers, investors, potential customers, and collaborators. Setting the stage like this is how you get great outcomes.

I also appreciated seeing the joint ventures announced this year. For example, Sony and Honda are teaming up under the Afeela brand. Making physical vehicles is incredibly challenging and expensive. Making great software is also challenging and highly specialized. It made perfect sense to see these collaborations displayed throughout the show.

CES is a global assembly of thought leaders and the people making the innovations that will result in a better, safer, and cleaner tomorrow. I’m grateful I could be a part of it.

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