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Lowry Solutions Internship Program Invests in Tomorrow’s Talent

September 10, 2018 Regional Updates
Lowry Solutions and Pinckney New Tech Interns

This blog was contributed by Sam Ahearn, summer 2018 business development and marketing intern at Ann Arbor SPARK. Sam recently started his senior year studying political science at the University of Michigan. 

Lowry Solutions, headquartered in Brighton, Michigan, began as a reseller of hardware and software in the barcode industry. Since their founding in 1974, Lowry Solutions advanced to become a leading integrator in the IIoT, Blockchain, RFID, and barcode solutions for their clients’ supply chain needs. Similar to their innovation in supply chain systems, Lowry Solutions has recently established themselves as an innovator in internship programs.

Lowry Solutions and Pinckney New Tech Interns (2017). Source

In 2012 Lowry Solutions partnered with Pinckney Community Schools to launch an internship program for students enrolled in Pinckney New Tech High School. Students of Pinckney New Tech are required to complete a 40-hour unpaid internship in order to graduate. Since Lowry Solutions began their partnership with Pinckney Community Schools, 90 New Tech students have completed their internship at Lowry Solutions. Ten interns have already participated in the 2018 program.

During the internship, students are not limited in their field of work. Lowry provides opportunities for students to develop skills in accounting, marketing, sales, information technology, and human resources. In addition, some past interns worked with Lowry Solutions to develop specialized programs in the security, sustainability, and warehousing.

While interning at Lowry Solutions, students assist with projects, receive help in building their resumes, develop their interview skills, and explore possible career paths. Most importantly, students in the internship program receive hands-on experience in a field of their interest.

The insights from the Pinckney students have helped Lowry Solutions grow. “The partnership between Lowry and Pinckney Community Schools has been mutually beneficial for students and our company,” said Debbie Melvin, Lowry internship coordinator, “The opportunity to bring fresh perspectives to the table and grow the talent pipeline has helped us continue to thrive as a company.”

The success of the program has not gone unnoticed. The Livingston Career and College Access Network (LCCAN) has been working with Lowry Solutions and Pinckney Community Schools emulate their program across Michigan. LCCAN and Lowry Solutions recently presented their model to government vendors, who are working to implement it across the state.