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On June 1st, 2012 several local companies traveled to DC with the Michigan Business Leaders to attend the White House Business Council, a special economic briefing. These companies included Livingston county’s Excelda, a complete solution provider of private label consumer and automotive products, specializing in fluid blending, packaging, warehousing and order fulfillment services to original equipment manufacturers and retail marketing companies worldwide.

Excelda was joined by several other local companies: Saline Lectronics, Michigan Ladder, Fluency Media, and Arbor Photonics. Representatives of the companies participated in an economic briefing and discussed job creation and business expansion. They also dove deeper into policy specific discussions.

Visitors to the White House followed up with a meeting on June 27th to debrief and discuss ideas for future collaboration.


From left to right: Mario Sciberras-CEO of Saline Lectronics, Michelle Stock- Co-Founder of Arbor Photonics, Tim Schaden-CEO of Fluency Media, Matt Hunter, & Gerri Barr-Vice President - Human Resources & Communications -Excelda Manufacturing