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Ann Arbor SPARK’s business development teams works with all sorts of high tech and innovative companies in the Ann Arbor region. One of those companies is Canopy Innovations, a subsidiary of LanguageMate. This healthcare focuses start-up works on improving communications between english speaking healthcare professionals and people with limited english skills.

They were interested in hiring developers and wanted to be around a robust medical research community, which made Ann Arbor the ideal place to locate their business. SPARK provided them with turnkey office space in the SPARK Central Incubator. This allowed them a professional space to conduct business meetings while SPARK assisted them with finding a long-term office location. SPARK also helped them with introductions to the business community. Find out the other reasons why Canopy Innovations loves Ann Arbor in this video.

Be on the look out for more videos of how Ann Arbor SPARK’s business development team in helping companies grow and thrive in the Ann Arbor region. If you would like to talk with a member of our team, please follow this link.