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Lakeside Software, a leader in business intelligence solutions for IT professionals, today announced it was named a finalist for the Citrix Synergy Best of Synergy Award in the Desktop category. Winners will be announced next week at Citrix Synergy in Barcelona on, Tuesday, October 16 at the Welcome Reception. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges consisting of Citrix executives and product leaders. Finalists for the award were chosen based on technology innovation, while customer need and alignment with technical and business initiatives. The Citrix Ready program makes it easy for customers to identify complementary products and solutions that can enhance Citrix environments so that customers can be confident that partner products have successfully passed a series of tests established by Citrix, and can be trusted to work effectively with Citrix products.

The synergy between Lakeside Software and Citrix benefits Citrix customers on multiple dimensions:

  • SysTrack and Citrix XenDesktop — SysTrack provides user-level statistics and actionable intelligence crucial for optimizing XenDesktop transformation projects and managing the XenDesktop environment on an on-going basis.
  • SysTrack and Citrix Desktop Transformation Accelerator — Introduced at Synergy 2011, SysTrack FastTrack is a free XenDesktop assessment, design and deployment tool offered by Citrix that leverages Lakeside technology to accelerate desktop transformation through deeper insight into users’ usage behavior and resource demands.
  • SysTrack and Citrix Personal vDisk — SysTrack learns the usage habits of each user and builds out a fully customized schedule for every session and associated user that predicts when activity will occur, allowing superior optimization of the state of the desktops and their resource utilization.
  • SysTrack and Citrix AppDNA — The Citrix AppDNA application migration software consumes information from the SysTrack DataMine to combine application compatibility insight and user, group and device details, forming a clear picture for fast and accurate application migration decisions.
  • SysTrack and Citrix Consulting Engagements — SysTrack provides supporting metrics, insight and recommendations for use in the Server Virtualization Assessment (SVA), the Desktop Delivery Assessment (DDA), and the Application Virtualization Design (AVD) portions of engagements with enterprise customers who have complex, mission-critical, or large scale deployments of Citrix technologies.