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Lakeside Software, a leader in business intelligence solutions for IT professionals, announced that the company has expanded its patent portfolio with the granting of a patent for the management of data across multiple computer systems. This patent is the third awarded to Lakeside Software by the US Patent and Trademark Office and further confirms Lakeside’s technology leadership in data-centric IT business intelligence. The patent is #7,865,499 and is titled “System and method for managing information for a plurality of computer systems in a distributed network.” Lakeside Software’s patent portfolio covers multiple enabling algorithms for efficient system data collection and aggregation.

The newly patented technology is integral to the company’s DataMine distributed relational database architecture that collects and aggregates user-level data unmatched in depth and quality. Sophisticated heuristic reporting intelligence in the SysTrack data platform utilizes this technology to deliver unprecedented insight into application usage and resource utilization. This insight powers the company’s solutions for User Experience Scoring, End-to-End Monitoring, Problem Diagnostics, VDI Assessment & Planning and Power Management that empower IT with the actionable information to dramatically improve user productivity and reduce costs. The ultra-high efficiency of the patented data collection and aggregation technology enables SysTrack to massively scale to over one million nodes.

“Business intelligence solutions for IT are only as good as the underlying technology: the better the data collected, the better IT’s decisions will be. Our expertise in data collection and aggregation as evinced by our three patents ensures that our solutions provide our customers with superior data and unparalleled insight.”
Mike Schumacher, founder & CEO, Lakeside Software