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You have just written the perfect, well researched cover letter to the employer of your dreams.  You have carefully tailored your resume to the position, making sure that many of the key words in the job description also are found in your resume, just in case the employer relies heavily on key word searching software, and have followed the instructions about how to submit your credentials.  Now what?
Most people don’t do anything.  Some people call and email the HR and hiring department on a daily basis and earn an unsavory reputation.  However, there are a few “Do’s and Don’ts” to keep in mind while you are waiting and hoping for a response.
Do: Follow up with a call to the HR department if you have had a problem loading the resume, or the site seems to be malfunctioning.
Do: Reach out to others that work at the company and ask them to refer you to the HR or hiring department.
Do: Follow up after an appropriate time – two or three weeks – to see if they have any questions about your credentials.  Although these calls are usually not fruitful, sometimes you can get additional information the status of the search, or can trigger an additional look at your resume.  Definitely be very gracious and try not to come across as pushy.
Don’t: Put all of your eggs in one basket.  Keep applying to new jobs, networking, and attending events.
Don’t: Get frustrated.  Unfortunately it does feel like you are sending your resume into a black hole and it is annoying.  But, do as much as you can to keep up a good attitude!
Good luck!
Advice from Amy Cell, President and Chief Matchmaker at Amy Cell, LLC. For more employment resources click here.