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Unfortunately there is not much new, or anything you don’t already know, about how difficult it is for a start-up to raise capital in 2009.  That makes it even scarier for a corporate executive interested in transitioning from the BIG world to the SMALL world.
Our friend Jim Price over at the Ross School at U of M was interviewed for the school newsletter.  He discusses the differences between the two cultures and the paradigm shift these corporate managers need to make in their thinking about innovation and change.  He confirms our belief in how best to pursue non-dilutive financing when risk capital is not available.  We really like his analogy about failure to skiing. Check it out.
BTW we are presenting a program in two weeks, July 14 at SPARK Central, on the many state programs available for start-ups in the forms of grants, tax credits, loans and equity investment.  Register soon so you’ll have a seat.