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The Ann Arbor SPARK Business Development team worked closely with two local companies that have recently secured incentives to support business growth and expansion in the Ann Arbor region: Molecular Imaging and InterClean Equipment.

Positron emission tomography (PET)

Molecular Imaging, located in Pittsfield Township, is a high tech company that provides a range of services collectively focused on the in vivo evaluation of new drug candidate’s therapeutic potential.  They call several global companies clients, including Eli Lilly, Pfizer, and Abbott Laboratories. Molecular Imaging has announced they will be investing $1.8 million into their facilities and adding 38 new jobs.

Molecular Imaging received a tax abatement from Pittsfield Township on the purchase of personal property assets that will support the growth of operational and facility capabilities.



InterClean Touchless Wash

InterClean Equipment, who recently moved to a new facility in Ypsilanti Township, manufactures touchless, heavy-duty washes for bus, train, truck, military, mining, and aircraft applications. InterClean has also expanded its offerings to manufacture wash equipment that includes brushes, allowing the company to better address the full range of customer needs. InterClean is known as the worldwide leader in innovative touchless cleaning technology, and has completed hundreds of custom engineered projects throughout the world. You can see some of InterClean’s projects in this video.

As part of the move to its new facility, InterClean will be investing over $300,000 and creating several new jobs. InterClean Equipment received a 5-year tax abatement from Ypsilanti Township to support this expansion, which includes the purchase of new equipment and a build-out of additional office space.

Ann Arbor SPARK worked closely with both companies to secure these incentives, which ensured they would continue to invest and succeed in the Ann Arbor region.