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ANN ARBOR, Mich., July 25, 2013 – InfoReady Corporation expanded its offerings in research collaboration today with the launch of CompetitionSpace, a configurable and scalable solution designed to simplify the management of funding competitions at universities. Influenced and shaped by research administrators, universities are now able to customize all competitions to meet their needs in a single product that reflects the academic workflow.

“The process of managing funding competitions has long been a big headache for university administrators,” said InfoReady CEO, Bhushan Kulkarni. “Funding competitions have primarily been managed using email and tracking results in Excel. This approach severely impacts productivity and causes frustration with administrators, reviewers and applicants alike. Kulkarni added, “Research collaboration is a key focus area at InfoReady and our configurable platform allowed us to address this critical need unlike any other service in the market today.”

CompetitionSpace supports multiple types of competitions including internal funding, limited submissions for external funding from agencies such as NIH and NSF, and even competitions not specific to funding. Multiple administrators can easily create and manage customized competitions using templates, various routing options and utilize a centralized repository for all documents associated with competitions. A communications component allows administrators to announce new competitions and message reviewers and/or applicants directly. All reviews, conversations and results are automatically tracked for archival purposes.

InfoReady worked closely with research administrators at universities of varying sizes to understand the diverse needs across institutions to develop a flexible solution that supports nearly all competition configurations.

CompetitionSpace joins In4Grants as part of the InfoReady research collaboration solutions. For more information, please visit or email

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