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Brighton, MI, May 1, 2016– In the manufacturing industry, it’s not unusual for a company’s brand and online presence to be neglected. However, Ignite XDS is on a mission to revolutionize that stigma starting with the launch of an industry-changing website for ROSS Controls, one of the industry’s most established leaders in pneumatic valve technology since 1921! See for yourself at www.ROSSControls.comignite

Ignite XDS and ROSS Controls have built a partnership that will re-energize the nearly 100-year-old company, to demonstrate on a global scale the 21st century powerhouse that ROSS Controls is: a world leader in process controls. With this ground breaking website launch, backed by a complete resurrection of the company brand facilitated by Ignite XDS, sets the company’s corporate brand-standard for years to come.

This website launch is Phase 1 of a global, multi-lingual, multi-company platform, developed by Ignite XDS, that will allow ROSS Controls to manage all of their product catalogs, literature, drawings, and more from one easy to use, custom interface. With Ignite XDS’ commitment to thorough project scope development, the on-time and on-budget completion of Phase 1 demonstrates the projected success of the remaining portions of this multi-phase project.

The debut of completely transforms the online customer experience, streamlining access to products, product information, online product ordering capability, product drawings, order status, tracking, and more! Plus, the new online account feature sets new standards for customer expectations within the industry, allowing them to conveniently retain all of their information in one easy-to-access location.

From the perspective of ROSS Controls employees, this first phase launch intuitively interfaces with all of the company’s existing ERP inventory management systems, allows for multi levels of users (customers, distributors, non-registered users, etc.), facilitates online order entry globally, and more.

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