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The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) recently elected Paul Krutko, FM, president and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK as vice chair of the Board of Directors.  Krutko will complete his term as IEDC’s secretary/treasurer and will become vice chair in January 2012.

“It has been both an honor and a pleasure serving as secretary/treasurer of IEDC, the world’s leading membership organization of economic development professionals,” Krutko said. “My position with IEDC ensures continued thought leadership that directly benefits my role at Ann Arbor SPARK.”

In his role as vice chair, Krutko will serve on the governance committee of IEDC’s board of directors. The governance committee is charged with creating organizational strategies as well as developing best practices for IEDC member organizations.

In addition to his work as vice chair, Krutko was named a Fellow Member in 2009 and was past chair of the Planning and Business Development Committee and Ethics Task Force. He also serves as working chair of the IEDC’s Economic Development Research Partnership.