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Grizzly Peak Brewing Co is hitting a stage of development most other restaurants only dream about. It has been in downtown Ann Arbor long enough that it has become a fixture of the local brewpub scene. However, that longevity comes with a price paid through renovations. The popular brewpub is spending a significant part of August renovating its interior with an eye on the future.

"The idea is to do something of a facelift," says Stacy Baird, general manager of Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. "The restaurant has been around 20 years. It’s a local favorite. But obviously 20 years is a long time. The idea is to make us a little more current."

The work included new light fixtures at the tables and fans in the dinning rooms. Workers are also rebuilding the entrance area to make it more open and hospitable to merchandise sales. While construction is going on the kitchen is also refreshing the menu with a few new items with new ingredients, such as beet pesto and goat cheese pizza.

"They are simpler things with more flavor," Baird says.

Grizzly Peak Brewing Co was closed for three days last week, and has had certain parts closed here and there for the rest of the month. Work is expected to wrap up in the next week or two so the entire restaurant can be open to commemorate its 20th anniversary in September.

Source: Stacy Baird, general manager of Grizzly Peak Brewing Co
Writer: Jon Zemke

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