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Sometimes problems are just opportunities in disguise. At least, or so businesses philosophy goes. Greenview Data is proving that mantra is true with the latest edition of its signature product, SpamStopsHere.
The spam prevention software targets an elusive new computer malware called zero day virus. The viruses employ antivirus software signatures that are not yet known to antivirus software.
"We have developed the technology that can find it in an email," says Ted Green, CEO of Greenview Data. "It's working very, very well."
He adds that most software solutions for zero day viruses catch about 20 percent of them trying to get through. Green claims his Ann Arbor-based firm's solution can catch them 99 percent of the time. Rising sales of the SpamStopsHere platform have allowed Greenview Data to spike its overall revenue by 25 percent over the last year and hire three people in that time. Green expects that growth to continue.
"The virus is still out there and it's still in the news," Green says.
Greenview Data is also looking to diversify its revenue streams a bit. The 25-year-old software firm has also recently released a new mobile app called Geoscribe.
"It's an app for sharing information about interesting places," Green says.
He adds that it allows people to share interesting information about places they visit so others can look it up on the app when they are there, too. The product is a departure from Greenview Data's normal work, but that's a good thing for Green.
"It helps to have a change of pace," Green says.
Source: Ted Green, CEO of Greenview Data
Writer: Jon Zemke
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