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The Payeur family has worked at the family business, Diamond Glass & Feiners, for years. Now it’s starting a second family venture, Glass House Brewing.

The Payeurs will dedicate half of its window and door installation space at 2350 W Liberty Road to the new microbrewery, and are currently on track to open in June as construction wraps up.

"It's been a longtime coming, but it's close now," says Brent Payeur, master brewer & co-founder of Glass House Brewing.

Payeur was introduced to craft brewing by his fiancee about a decade ago, and he fell hard for the hobby. That lead him to recruit his brother and father to open their own brewery on Ann Arbor’s west side.

"I just fell in love with it," Payeur says. "We go on brewery tours all the time. I started home brewing six years ago and love the art of it."

Glass House Brewery will feature a 1,600 square foot tap room with no food service, at least at the beginning. It will feature 20 taps that are primarily ales, such as IPAs, porters, stouts, artisan ales, and fruit beers. There will be constant rotation of new beers to help keep the offering fresh. It will also offer free beer to members of its growlers club.

The brewery will open with a staff of four people. "I am hoping to add staff to keep up with the demand," Payeur says.

Source: Brent Payeur, master brewer & co-founder of Glass House Brewing
Writer: Jon Zemke

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