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OCTOBER 25, 2016 – Ann Arbor, Mich. — Madrid, Spain-based Corporación Gestamp, an international supplier of metal parts and assemblies for auto manufacturers, recently chose to locate its new manufacturing facility in Chelsea, Mich. Gestamp Washtenaw, LLC, a new subsidiary of Gestamp, will invest $68 million and create 195 new jobs over the next four years.

The company specializes in products that lead to the development of lighter, safer, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. In Chelsea, Gestamp is building a chassis assembly line, and electronic coat paint line, as well as add a remote laser welding 3D technology line.

Ann Arbor SPARK provided site selection assistance to Gestamp as it looked for a facility in this region. In addition, Ann Arbor SPARK connected the company to resources at Michigan Works that will help Gestamp find skilled labor.

“Gestamp is another leading global brand choosing Ann Arbor as a destination for expansion, resulting in one of the most significant business attractions to this region this year,” said Paul Krutko, Ann Arbor SPARK president and CEO.  “Our strategic focus on the Ann Arbor region’s reputation as center for automotive innovation is having a positive impact on our economy.”

“We also want to thank CEO Steve Arwood and the entire team at the Michigan Economic Development Corp. for supporting this project,” Krutko continued. “Attracting Gestamp to the region is a great example of how it takes collaboration to make a vision a reality; in addition to receiving support from MEDC, Ann Arbor SPARK and City of Chelsea, Signature Associates worked with the company to find the perfect location in Chelsea and fill a building that has been vacant for some time.”

In addition to a Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant awarded by MEDC, the City of Chelsea offered support to the project in the form of property tax abatements. Ann Arbor SPARK worked with the company to secure these incentives that resulted in Gestamp choosing Chelsea over competing locations outside of Michigan.

“The City of Chelsea is pleased to welcome Gestamp Industries to our business community,” said Jason Lindauer, Mayor of Chelsea. “We look forward to partnering with Gestamp, one of the world’s most highly regarded companies in the automotive components sector, and assist in their continued growth and success.”