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OTTAWA, Ontario – October 2013 – GaN Systems Inc, a leading developer of gallium nitride power switching semiconductors, has appointed US engineering consultancy Vqdot as an Applications Development Partner.  Michigan-based Vqdot specialises in the development and testing of high-performance power supplies and will partner with GaN Systems to advise companies on the use of gallium nitride power semiconductors across a broad range of applications.

Girvan Patterson, CEO of GaN Systems comments: “We have appointed Vqdot due to its expertise across numerous application areas, including RF power, switching power supplies, and advanced power conversion applications.  Its team is experienced in exploring novel applications for new power technologies and brings a wealth of advice and expertise to manufacturers looking to gain competitive advantage through the early adoption of gallium nitride power semiconductors.”

Luke Raymond, CEO and Co-founder Vqdot added: “Gallium Nitride devices promise significant advantages over traditional silicon semiconductors, including higher electric breakdown characteristics, many times the band-gap and exceptional carrier mobility.  GaN devices are projected to secure a significant portion of the silicon-based semiconductor market within the next three to five years and will enable power electronics to become smaller, lighter and more efficient.  We are excited to be working with GaN Systems and to be bringing gallium nitride’s superior performance advantages and clean technology to next generation products”.

About GaN Systems

GaN Systems is the first place systems designers go to realize all of the benefits of gallium nitride in their power conversion and control applications.  To overcome silicon’s limitations in switching speed, temperature, voltage and current, the company develops the most complete range of gallium nitride power switching solutions for a variety of markets.  Its unique Island Technology™ addresses today’s cost, performance, and manufacturability related challenges of gallium nitride resulting in devices that are up to four times smaller and four times more efficient than traditional design approaches.  The Company also leverages existing multi‐sourced manufacturing processes due to its transportable, fabless model, and through additional innovations, makes it easy to incorporate gallium nitride into any design.  GaN Systems is run by a seasoned semiconductor team with decades of industry experience and a track record of repeated success.  The Company stands to do more for gallium nitride adoption in power conversion than any other. For more information, please visit:

About Vqdot

Vqdot is an engineering consulting firm based in Ann Arbor, MI that specializes in cutting edge power electronics and energy conversion technology.  Vqdot offers consulting services and expertise in the development of high performance power supplies that exploit the benefits of high frequency operation and advanced components.  Additionally, Vqdot’s other services include magnetic design, gate drive development, computer simulation of switching circuits, printed circuit board development, modeling of power semiconductors, thermal design, custom prototyping, electro-mechanical integration, and litigation support.