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From the Hospital to the Workplace: NavvTrack® Helps Employers with COVID-19 Social Distancing Application for Contact Detection, Contact Tracing & Social Distancing

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Healthcare technology spin-out from Henry Ford Innovations provides safe, secure, return-to-work solution for large employers—from automotive and airlines to university campuses and construction

Navv Systems, Inc. (NSI) is a healthcare technology company providing “wayfinding” solutions, like NavvTrack®, designed to help hospitals see the location of support staff (transport, housekeeping, couriers, etc.) and communicate with them in real time. Working with a large Detroit hospital system in one of the first and hardest hit metro regions in the U.S., NSI has had a unique view on the evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

As local car manufacturers were among the first in the country to undertake large-scale return-to-work planningit became quickly apparent that the same technology helping hospitals safely care for patients could help companies safely take care of their employees. Working closely with the support of SPARK, the NSI team quickly shifted focus to the rapid roll-out of NavvTrack for COVID-19 contact detection and tracing. 

“We always intended to bring the NavvTrack location services and wayfinding solutions to other industriesbut honestly, not like this,” explained Dr. Daniel Siegal, CEO and co-founder of Navv Systems. “That said, we’re truly honored to be able to contribute in a meaningful way to the safety of our nation’s workforce.”

The NavvTrack indoor navigation & location services platform enables companies with large physical facilities (factories, warehouses and campuses) or distributed workforces (construction, airlines) to execute highly accurate, secure and real-time COVID-19 contact detection and tracing. Utilizing Apple’s Indoor Positioning technology, NavvTrack uses an electronic “fingerprint” that comes from the existing wireless network and requires no new infrastructure. With the contact tracing & social distancing solution, employers can easily: 

  • Alert employees of close-proximity risk, adhering to 6-ft safe distancing
  • Define rules for specific areas and points of interaction with location-based prompts
  • Gather position, proximity, and presence data in real-time
  • Monitor and identify exposure to potential hot-spot areas
  • Rapidly identify at-risk employees with exposure contact-tracing

“We are excited to support innovative technology companies and local economic development in the best of times,” shared Bill Mayer, vice president of entrepreneurial services at Ann Arbor SPARK. “But it’s a true privilege to support organizations like Navv Systems, whose solutions will contribute to economic improvement on a global scaleand most importantly, help keep employees safe as they return-to-work in this new normal.”

About Navv Systems, Inc.

Navv Systems, Inc. (NSI) is a software solutions and platform company that uses Indoor Positioning technology (IPS) to provide traffic control for hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing, and other large, complex organizations. NavvTrack® is being used at the 877-bed Henry Ford Hospital to optimize patient transport, housekeeping, and central pharmacy deliveries. Henry Ford Hospital is 17-floors covering a total of 3,000,000 square feet and a part of the 6-hospital Henry Ford Health System. At Henry Ford Health System, NSI is partnering with Apple to leverage the “indoor GPS” to optimize mobile workflows and enable real-time healthcare. The platform requires no new infrastructure and can be enabled in a short time. Visit to learn more.