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The U of M Frankel Commercialization Fund invests in Arbor Photonics

I can only imagine how excited the students participating in the Frankel Commercialization Fund program at U of M must be now that they have made an investment.  The fund has been around for more than a year and the students came close to making two investments last spring but never closed.  Now, with an $85,000 investment in Arbor Photonics they have finished the investment process in full, including handing over a check.  Good for them.

I know students Punit Chiniwalla, Delara Godrej, Andy Hastings and Michael Tarasev.  These are great young people who take their responsibilities as students and participants in this program very seriously.  I know they have learned a lot from Tom Porter, a legendary VC in Ann Arbor and fund director.

If you have any University of Michigan connection and are looking for early stage investment you may qualify for funding from the Frankel Fund. But you only have until December 15 to apply.  Go to the link below for all the information.

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