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Tangent Medical Technologies, a recipient of Pre-Seed Capital Funding in 2010 through Ann Arbor SPARK, has recently secured 4.5 million in venture capital to bring their product to market. This funding will accelerate the commercialization of Tangent’s medical device, the NovaCath™, which is designed to replace the intravenous drug systems that are currently used in hospitals.

Tangent’s history with SPARK dates back to 2009, when they participated in Entrepreneur Boot Camp program. Tangent was named “Best of Boot Camp” the year they participated. Many graduates of Boot Camp take the knowledge they gained and go on to win business plan competitions or secure funding.  In this case, Tangent went on to receive funding through SPARK’s Pre-Seed Capital program in 2010 to help their innovative technology move beyond proof of concept. Funding for this program is provided by the Michigan Strategic Fund and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and is focused on moving companies forward to commercialization.

With the support of this 4.5 million venture capital investment, Tangent will be able to once again take the next step forward in growing their business.