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FlockTAG, the consumer loyalty startup, is starting to scale it business model across the Midwest this year.

The 2-year-old startup is working to reinvent the customer loyalty programs with creating one centralizes card users can use at a number of different retailers. That way technology can keep tabs on the loyalty rewards the user accumulates at local businesses without them carrying around a different card for each business.

FlockTAG has grown into seven markets across the Midwest, including Columbus, Indianapolis and Champaign. It is working to expand into more metro areas this year, focusing on high-volume retail locations, such as coffee shops.

"We're doing our plan," says David Lin, co-founder & CEO of FlockTAG. "We're growing these direct sales and relationships with franchise groups."

FlockTAG has grown its average transactions per day at a location to 30. It’s users per location is now up to 1,100. Both numbers are up 20 percent over the last year.

"We have several locations where there are more than 200 transactions per day," Lin says.

Lin adds that FlockTAG has been able to drive up those numbers because his team (which stands at 15 people after making seven hires over the last year) has gotten better at its job. Specifically helping keep new stores using the FlockTAG software.

"It's about helping the vendors when they need it," Lin says. "When you bring on a vendor you need to help them so they understand the platform."

Source: David Lin, co-founder & CEO of FlockTAG
Writer: Jon Zemke

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