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Tech Tips for TalentAs technology continuously changes the way employers actively search for you, your search plan should evolve as well. While the days of faxing paper resumes are long gone, there are many ways to make your resume or portfolio of work stand out from the crowd of faceless, digital documents.

In today’s economy, the job market is very competitive. These top five, simple tech tips can help employers identify you as a potential candidate through personal branding:

1. Your online image

You wouldn’t wear your pajamas to an interview, so why is your profile image less than professional? Employers can tell when a group photo has been cropped for use in an online network. To make the best first impression have a professional-looking headshot taken and post this image across your online channels, from your blog to your Twitter profile. This consistent professional image will help employers identify your profiles – not those who happen to share your name – and tie this online branding back to you.

2. Your digital reputation

Run a search on yourself in the major search engines, think Google and Bing, to see what appears as this is what potential employers will see if they do the same. If you don’t like what you find, it’s time for damage control. Reset your social media security settings, un-tag photos you don’t wish to be shared, and delete any old accounts that do not reflect who you are today.

3. Find your niche

Refine your search by creating a profile or submitting your resume to industry niche or regional websites. These sites tend to feature employers in your field that might not appear on a national job board. More and more businesses are turning to these sites, like the Ann Arbor SPARK job portal, in hopes of attracting qualified applicants.

4. Your video resume

Video resumes are another new tech way to stand out to employers. These films are intended as supplements to traditional resumes. Videos allow you to showcase your personality and highlight one or two points of interest from your professional history. Be sure to keep it short and professional, no more than two or maybe three minutes and ditch the shaky, phone camera. This is a growing area so there are a number of website options to choose from for posting your video.

5. Your own domain

Instead of simply posting your resume on a LinkedIn or a job portal website, take it to the next level and create your own simple website or online portfolio. This allows potential employers to easily review your work, discover your goals and obtain contact information. There are many simple template website programs that can allow you to create a unique site on a budget.

For students, alternatively, you can try and direct employers to your portfolio.

This is an exciting time to be a job seeker. Never before has it been easier to create a personal, online brand for your most valuable asset – you! Make the most of your online presence by utilizing these tips. Remember, the preference of any hiring manager is to recruit someone they feel they know. Give yourself the advantage by being a person to the employer, rather than a resume.