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Everything you need to know about the US Economic Census

July 23, 2018 Regional Updates
United States Census Bureau logo

You may have missed the June 12 deadline, but there’s still time! Respond to this year’s Economic Census! If you were one of the lucky multi-location or small businesses chosen to complete this year’s Economic Census, here’s everything you need to know:

How does it work?

Every five years, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts the Economic Census, the official measure of the rapidly changing landscape of American businesses and national economy. Data collection for this year’s Economic Census began May 1 and the deadline for businesses to respond is quickly approaching: June 12.

Respondents may use an online, secure portal at, which keeps any information that could be used to identify specific businesses confidential. Under My Surveys, you will use the 12-digit verification code sent to you by the Census Bureau to link your account to this year’s survey.

Why does it matter?

The updated Economic Census, set to be released in September 2019, will include 2017 end-of-year figures from a projected four million businesses. While responding to the Economic Census is not only required by law, it is also an important resource for ensuring that your business’s interests are considered when policies and legislation are being considered in the region.

Simply put: If you’re not counted, you don’t count.