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EMU’s Center for Digital Engagement Hosts the Age of AI, November 17

October 12, 2023 Press Releases

Eastern Michigan University’s Center for Digital Engagement will host its 13th annual Digital Marketing Workshop with the theme, “The Age of AI.” The event will be from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Nov. 17, 2023. Tickets are on sale at the conference website and discounted to $30 before October 31.

AI or artificial intelligence can take visual and free-form verbal input and produce sophisticated responses in the form of written documents, images, and even videos that, on the surface, seem to rival what a human can produce. “Our conference will provide real-world examples of the types of things that are and are not possible with the current state of AI,” said Gibson. “The bottom line is that you can’t just let AI loose on content creation and expect good results. But with practice, AI can dramatically speed up your workflows and make your marketing more effective.”

Bud Gibson, professor of integrated marketing communications and director of the Center for Digital Engagement, will host the event.

Keynoting the event is EMU alum Chris Prucha, founder of Origin, a 3D printer company sold for $100 million in late 2020, and co-founder of Notion, a productivity application recently valued at $10 billion. “Our keynote will chronicle how Chris built Origin into a brand that he could sell for $100 million,” said Bud Gibson, professor of integrated marketing communications and creator of the conference series. “Chris is currently an AI investor, and he will conclude by giving us an overview of where he thinks AI is headed.”

After Chris Prucha’s keynote, the conference will proceed to two panel discussions. The first, Growth Marketing with AI, will highlight ways that both large and small companies are using AI to enhance their marketing and sales processes. The second, Content Creation with AI, will highlight the opportunities and challenges of using AI in your content creation workflow. The conference will conclude with a lunch panel summarizing takeaways from the day. In addition to Chris Prucha, the conference will feature speakers such as Bilal Saeed, vice president of marketing and brand strategy for the Detroit Pistons, Nick Woods, account strategist for Google, and Ryan Redoute, “That Michigan Guy” on social media platforms as well as noted local marketers. 

Tickets are on sale now through November 17 with a discounted price of $30 for the general public before October 31. To register, click here.