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Dream Job Comes to Fruition at R2 Space’s New Ann Arbor Headquarters

March 10, 2020 Talent
Stacie Greskowiak McNulty
Stacie Greskowiak McNulty

In 2019, Ann Arbor SPARK worked with R2 Space to establish the company’s headquarters in Ann Arbor. One of the area’s first companies in the space industry, R2 opened its offices in the historic Argus Building where they will design, build, and operate its satellites. When the company announced its decision, R2 also shared plans to create 30 new jobs over the next two years. Today, R2’s Ann Arbor headcount stands at 14 full-time employees and counting. For many on the team, the opportunities at R2 Space are a dream come true, including for Stacie Greskowiak McNulty, the company’s general counsel.

“Throughout my career, I’ve always supported innovators, and really aspired to help visionaries bring their ideas to life,” said Stacie. “After more than a decade litigating patent cases and advising technical clients, I knew if I didn’t take that leap of faith now, there was a chance I never would.”

Stacie, who grew up near Lansing and attended undergrad at the University of Michigan, set her eyes on Ann Arbor. “We’ve always loved college towns. There’s always something going on — things to do, opportunities to grow, and ways to have fun.” With the arrival of their son, the appeal of living in a college town grew exponentially for Stacie and her husband Josh. “We wanted him to grow up with access to more diversity, surrounded by people who are passionate about their interests including music, arts, and athletics.”

With a career goal and a destination in mind, Stacie turned to LinkedIn. “Initially, I thought my previous experience would make me an ideal candidate at a company in the IoT sector. I started following regional industry leaders, and that’s how I discovered Ann Arbor SPARK.”

Once Stacie started following SPARK, she felt like she had a window into Ann Arbor’s vast and vibrant startup ecosystem. “SPARK’s website was a perfect resource for me. I was able to research companies and stay informed about what was happening a thousand miles away.”

In late 2019, Stacie came across SPARK’s announcement about R2’s new headquarters and felt as if lightning struck. There wasn’t a specific job posted on the R2 Space website for in-house counsel, so Stacie sent an email to the general inbox inquiring if they were in need of someone with her skills. They enthusiastically replied the next day.

After the initial introduction and a few visits to Ann Arbor, Stacie was elated to accept an offer. “What’s really rewarding is that in addition to supporting the organization on patents and other legal matters, I’m also representing the company within the community by seeking out collaborations with area nonprofits. I’m incredibly excited to grow my career and put down roots in Ann Arbor.”

R2 is dedicated to providing U.S. government and commercial customers with space-based satellite radar intelligence. The company supports high-tech industries, including aerospace, homeland security, and defense technology. This summer, the company looks forward to welcoming its first class of interns from Michigan colleges and universities. About 10 in all, these interns will work alongside a world-class team of U.S. experts in satellite and RADAR technologies. R2 looks forward to developing the next generation of space talent in Michigan and building a vibrant aerospace ecosystem in the state.

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