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Sarah Nicoli left the corporate world more than a decade ago to start her own firm, DotMine Day Planners.

These days she is relaunching the company after realizing there is demand for good, old-fashioned, paper-and-pen day planners from a core group of her old customers.

"I just got an email today from a woman who placed an order," Nicoli says.

The Ann Arbor resident worked in product development at Proctor & Gamble before launching DotMine Day Planners in 1999. She built up the company until last year when she choose to focus on digital versions. That's when she realized her core customer group still really liked the feel of in-hand planner.

"People emailed us saying last year was the worst year for them without their paper planner," Nicoli says.

Now DotMine Day Planners is relaunching its product and rebuilding its relationships with retailers. It has rebuilt its team to seven people and has added a marketing person recently. Nicoli plans to keep rebuilding her good business through the rest of next year.

Source: Sarah Nicoli, president of DotMine Day Planners
Writer: Jon Zemke

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