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DO (something)

March 7, 2019 Startup Ecosystem
March 28 | Ypsilanti

The conference for those who (want to, need to, try to, can) do.

Whether it’s a product, politics, or perspective, our world is shaped by the designers of the world — many times without us even knowing it. We often forget just how much of what we experience on a day-to-day basis was intentionally crafted to make us think, feel, and respond in a certain way.

From entrepreneurs to artists, from photographers to developers — creativity plays an undeniable role in ensuring the technology economy of our region flourishes. It’s one of the many important reasons DO (something) was born.

The conference for anyone who is driven to make their mark on the world, DO (something) will feature creative leaders and fellow doers from around the country. From the epidemiologist who turned his hobby as a photographer into a second career shooting for Amazon and Google to the award-winning interactive artist and film director from California whose latest work includes a pair of IRL-blocking sunglasses that prevent viewing of all screens, DO (something) speakers, a total of six in all, will encourage attendees to leave no idea, passion or inspiration wasted.

With pop-up shops featuring talented craftsman from around the state, breakout sessions led by attendees and speakers alike, and portfolio reviews hosted by professionals, the afternoon at DO (something) is packed with value and designed to lift up the entire creative community with new ideas, perspectives and connections.

To wind down the day, the party shifts to Cultivate Coffee + Tap House for 99 Beers. Grab a complimentary brewski and chat with fellow attendees. It’s an opportunity to ask others what they’re working on, share an insight, or make a new best friend — maybe.

Tickets are just $55 for general admission. Do (something) attendees receive access to the events of the entire day, including the 99 Beers afterparty, along with an awesome bag of swag.

If you’ve lost your spark, you’ll find it at DO (something). If you need a push to get an idea out your brain, DO (something) will shove you. If you’re looking for a diverse creative community, DO (something) is where you’ll find your people.

So much of our collective experience in this region is connected to one another. Letting in new ideas, new perspectives, and new levels of greatness, means we can elevate entire sectors and build new communities. Join us in doing so!

Blog contributed by Danielle Milner, DO:BETTER
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