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Consumers Energy Foundation Awards $3,000 Grant to Support Economic Development Council of Livingston County

Livingston County courthouse in Howell

The Economic Development Council of Livingston County (EDCLC) is pleased to announce the approval of a $3,000 grant from the Consumers Energy Foundation, which aims to bolster economic development in the region.

Ann Arbor SPARK has been a vital partner of the EDCLC since their alliance was forged in 2011. Together, they provide essential economic development services and resources to Livingston County communities, businesses, and residents.

One of the primary focuses of the grant is to support the EDCLC’s Job Growth initiative. The organization’s retention call program ensures that the voices of Livingston County’s employers are heard, collecting pertinent data and identifying growth opportunities. By connecting businesses and communities with necessary resources, the EDCLC aims to retain and expand businesses, create jobs, and generate tax revenue.

Looking ahead to 2024, the EDCLC will maintain its strategic focus on addressing the issue of attainable housing in Livingston County. By collaborating with local stakeholders and advocating for solutions, they hope to provide greater housing options for the local labor force and alleviate housing shortages.

Additionally, the EDCLC remains committed to engaging with students and facilitating career opportunities within the county. Events like Manufacturing Day will continue to foster connections between students and employers, benefiting not only individuals and businesses but also the broader community.

In 2023, the state awarded 10 Livingston businesses with training grants totaling more than $450K through the Going Pro Talent Fund. The EDCLC worked closely with Michigan Works! Southeast to promote the program, emphasizing employee training and certification to spur job growth and retention. This initiative will continue in 2024, with a focus on empowering Livingston County businesses to invest in their workforce and advance their industries.

“We are grateful to the Consumers Energy Foundation for their support of our efforts to strengthen Livingston County’s economic landscape. This grant will enable us to continue our vital work in fostering job growth and investment opportunities within the region,” said Marcia Gebarowski, Ann Arbor SPARK’s director of business development for Livingston County. “Our longstanding partnership with Ann Arbor SPARK has been instrumental in driving economic development initiatives, and we look forward to further collaboration in the years ahead.”