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Connect with SPARK at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019

January 3, 2019 Mobility News
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2019 is here and much of the world are turning their attention to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest gathering of the latest gadgets (and technology in general). In recent years, it has also become a mobility hub, and a showcase for the latest self-driving, connected and automotive technologies. In anticipation of the show, we wanted to highlight some of the Ann Arbor area companies that will have a presence at the show. (If you see a company from the region we haven’t caught, please let us know):

  • Akervall Technologies, based in Saline, will be holding a news conference on Tuesday, January 8. Akervall manufacturers ultra-thin, impression-less, custom fit, remoldable mouthguards. SISU Mouthguards, SOVA Night Guards, and Intuguards allow users to talk and drink in the sports, dentistry, military, and hospital markets.
  • Self-driving transportation provider May Mobility is headed to CES already, showcasing with their partners at Cepton.
  • SBD Automotive will be doing a live feed of the latest happening at CES. Check out the growing list of info in real-time here.
  • Trillium Secure, an automotive cybersecurity platform, will be hosting a series of events at their booth at CES, including panels and other discussions. Check out more on their showcase at CES here.
  • The autonomous shuttle company Navya, based in Saline and headquartered in France, will be on display at the Automotive French Pavilion.
  • Jason Mars of conversational-AI Clinc will be speaking on the Fintech Meets Techfin panel on Tuesday, January 8.
  • Toyota will be hosting a press overview of their latest technology on Monday, January 7. Last year, Toyota launched their “e-palette”, an Toyota’s flexible, electric, automated vehicle platform.
  • AISIN Group will unveil its hands-on concept car i-mobility TYPE-C. Visitors will experience technologies and services that meet various user needs and driving conditions in the diversifying mobility society.

Ann Arbor SPARK will be attending the show as well, with our partners from the Detroit Regional Chamber, American Center for Mobility, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and other partners from around Michigan. Our team will be spending much of its time at Eureka Park, the startup village at CES. If you’d like to connect while at CES, send us a note!