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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Congressman Dingell, the author of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, legislator of the first International Wildlife Refuge, and an avid outdoorsman, looks to the future with Ornicept to bring big data management to natural resources. Founders Russell Conard and Justin Otani presented this new technology to the Congressman on Monday, April 29th.  Terry Ryan Kane, previously Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Science Policy Advisor, is now working with the Ornicept team.

Ornicept, currently residing in Ann Arbor Spark’s incubator, has won numerous awards for their innovative approach to software development that will protect and manage threatened species. At the same time Ornicept is working to support wind energy development, doing it smarter and more efficiently. Their technology is applicable to aviation safety as well and their remote camera with visual recognition software is the first of it’s kind.

Smart resource management will save the government, save the taxpayers, save businesses millions of dollars while preserving our national heritage for future generations.

Ornicept will be attending the American Wind Energy Convention in Chicago May 5-8th.

Source: Ornicept