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Chassix, formerly known as Diversified Machine, Inc. (DMI) and SMW, LLC (SMW), is increasing its employment base at its facility in Howell, Michigan, with assistance from local workforce development initiatives. Faced with new business opportunities, Chassix connected with local economic development organizations, such as Ann Arbor SPARK and Livingston County Michigan Works! (LCMW) to explore the workforce initiatives available. Finding employees has not been an issue for Chassix; however, finding the workers with the right advanced manufacturing skillset proved to be a challenge.

LCMW is helping Chassix identify their training needs as well as helping them identify funds that will help pay for the training.  Among the training funds LCMW recently approved, is an Incumbent Worker Training Grant that will help the company update the skills of their current workers.  In addition, LCMW has worked with the company to help train their new hires through the On-the-Job Training program, a program that reimburses companies for up to 50% of a new hire’s wages for a negotiated period of time.  To date, Chassix has hired three new employees utilizing this program, and anticipates utilizing the program further in order to hire more than eight additional employees in the near future.  “Using on-the-job training has been a helpful way for us to identify manufacturing talent, and assist us in hiring new employees in Howell,” said Cathy Janis at Chassix. “Working with local organizations like Livingston County Michigan Works! has allowed us to access new talent in a cost effective way.”

In addition, LCMW is helping  Chassix explore other potential resources to help them with their recruiting and training needs, including the Skilled Trades Training Fund  This is a new State of Michigan program to address the growing shortage of skilled workers which threatens our economic competitiveness.

“We are pleased that Chassix has chosen to grow in Howell, and we look forward to continuing to work with them on supporting that growth,” said Bill Sleight, Director of Livingston County Michigan Works!