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Molly McFarland has spent the last six years designing and executing sales and marketing strategies for technology startups. Before founding AdAdapted, she was director of marketing at Amplifinity, where she provided strategy and support for a successful sales team, formed strategic partnerships, and assisted in raising Series A funding. Molly has a passion for bringing leading-edge solutions to market; finding the right opportunity by working with prospective clients, iterating with team members, and always pushing beyond the obvious.

During her conversation with Paul Krutko, president and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK, Molly explains her background, from working as the director of marketing at an established company to transferring all of her efforts to founding a startup. Molly explains the process and struggles of starting a business and gives advice to other entrepreneurs. Molly also explains why Ann Arbor is the ideal location for AdAdapted.

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