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Ken Fischer is president of the University Musical Society (UMS) of the University of Michigan and has been a tireless advocate for the Ann Arbor arts community. During his 30-year tenure, he has made a tremendous impact on the performing arts scene and quality of life in the region. The list of accolades he has achieved for UMS is endless, including the National Medal of Arts awarded by President Obama in 2014 and the Arts Alliance Medal for Arts, Sciences & Humanities for Outstanding Service in 2017. Fischer has brought UMS and the city of Ann Arbor global prominence in many ways.

In his podcast discussion with Paul Krutko, president and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK, Ken discusses his background and what attracted him to take the helm of UMS. He also discusses how Ann Arbor’s vibrant downtown and commitment to the arts played a role in influencing esteemed musicians to play here.

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