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CEO Podcast: Jeff Disher, Disher Design

December 6, 2017 Podcasts
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About Our Guest:
Jeff Disher is a 27-year veteran of new product development. Jeff started his company in Holland, Mich., in January 2000, to create a product development approach based on innovation, technical discipline, and great customer service. Jeff led the growth of Disher Corp. to more 130 employees. Prior to Disher Corp., he was Chief Engineer of the automotive electronics launch division at Johnson Controls Inc.

About the Podcast:
After spending years as an engineering manager, Jeff made the risky move to start his own business. He talks about the transition from corporate life to having his office in his own house. Jeff gives great insight into the differentiating factors between designers, and what qualities he’s made sure his company has and offers. Jeff also speaks about the strategy and reasoning behind choosing to expand his nationally-recognized business to Ann Arbor.

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