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As president and CEO of Zomedica, Gerald Solensky is a visionary leader determined to revolutionize the animal health industry. With a 20-year track record building successful operations within startup environments, Gerald’s diverse background includes a wealth of expertise in finance, sales, and marketing.

Stephanie Morley, DVM, is the chief operations officer of Zomedica and is charged with developing the core business structure and aligning daily operations in support of the company’s business model. Dr. Morley is a trained veterinarian with instinctive business acumen focused on growing Zomedica into a credible business that both clinical veterinarians and investors believe in and value.

During their conversation with Paul Krutko, president and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK, Stephanie and Gerald explain the company’s background and what differentiates it from the competition. The pair also offers insight on Zomedica’s future.

Zomedica is a veterinary pharmaceutical company targeting health and wellness solutions for companion animals (cats, dogs, horses) through a ground-breaking approach that focuses on the unmet needs of clinical veterinarians. For more information on Zomedica click here.

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