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CEO Podcast: Catalina Kaiyoorawongs, LoanSense

Ann Arbor Spark Podcast featuring LoanSense banner

The Ann Arbor region is home to an entrepreneurial ecosystem that continues to impress. LoanSense, a fintech company helping people navigate student loan debt with the goal of homeownership, is yet another example of the noteworthy startups making a name for themselves here.

LoanSense co-founder Catalina Kaiyoorawongs joins Ann Arbor SPARK president and CEO Paul Krutko to chat about the origins of the company. Paired with her decade of experience working in financial inclusion, Catalina shares how Ann Arbor SPARK played an integral role in making key introductions and accelerating their success.

As one of the featured startups pitching during a2Tech360’s Invest360: Investor Showcase, LoanSense earned the $50,000 award in the Information Technology session and went on to take home the additional $50,000 “People’s Choice” prize.