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CEO Podcast: Aaron Rajda, Ford Labs

October 18, 2017 Podcasts
Paul Krutko and Ford Labs podcast-square

Aaron Rajda is IT Director at the new Ann Arbor-based FordLabs, a unit of Ford Motor Company focused on software development and implementation. FordLabs is a result of the company’s investment in California-based Pivotal Software. Rajda advocated for FordLabs to be located nearby, but outside of Ford’s existing facilities in order to create a distinct culture of innovation and chose Ann Arbor for its deep talent pool.

In his podcast with Ann Arbor SPARK’s president and CEO Paul Krutko, Rajda talks about opening FordLabs here and how the office works with the software team located Ford’s Dearborn headquarters. He also discusses being a first-time participant in A2 Tech Trek. Rajda closes the conversation with insight into how the work being done by FordLabs is benefitting Ford’s business-to-business activity.

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