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Ann Arbor SPARK announced the five finalists in the Eastside Innovation Campus Business Pitch Competition.  The five finalists are listed below.

•   Eco-Fueling will present its proven solution to co-fuel diesel engines with renewable ethanol, targeted at the 6 million diesel trucks, none of which currently use a renewable fuel, on the road today.

•   Aeradigm will present its in-rack air condition for data centers.  Over 10,000 US data centers are in danger of generating more heat than can be dissipated; Aeradigm will cool servers efficiently and reduce overall energy load by harvesting waste heat for power.

•   Mobile Sign Language Systems LLC will present its smartphone software that translates spoken English into a video of sign language in real time.  The software is designed to help deaf people, who often struggle to communicate with their counterparts in the hearing world, most of whom do not know sign language.

•   Urobiologics will present its UroGender Test Kit (UGT).  Economic and social conditions are compelling married couples to have a small family, preferably of two children, one of each gender. UGT will help couples to plan and have gender specific conception the natural way.

•   Own will present its combined Web and hardware Point of Sale (POS) system for coffeehouses. Own replaces cash registers or Software POS systems at the point of transaction.

The five pitch competition finalists will have three minutes to deliver a business pitch to the panel of judges.  The winning pitch will be selected based on identification and articulation of market need, how the product meets the need and business model. The winner will receive a one year incubator lease at SPARK East and up to $50,000 in business acceleration services.