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Andrew Chu, addressing the U-M Alumni Luncheon
Andrew Chu, addressing the U-M Alumni Luncheon

For the past three days Boston has turned maize and blue.  We blanketed the area with Michigan positive message messages and it sure paid off.  Recent articles in Xconomy and positive pieces by a renown technology blogger have taken our message viral.

At our site selection consultant luncheon, one native Bostonian who had never been to Michigan before said, “What the deal with all this positive publicity about Michigan?  I actually think I might want to make a trip to the state just to see what all the buzz is about.”   This is a pretty bold statement from a Bostonian which is home to a business incubator that house more than 300 companies and actually turns a profit!   We have much to learn from the Cambridge Innovation Center and their seven floors of life sciences incubation.

Our MichAGAIN alumni reception was the swan song of our Boston trip and it couldn’t have been more successful.  We welcomed nearly 100 Boston residents who were very excited about learning about the new successful developments in the state.  I even had a chance to chat with two Harvard and U-M grads, in the process of locating back to our region and looking for employment.

So it is time to leave the majestic waterfront behind just in time for the Red Sox home opener.   Perhaps they make that Sox B hat in maize and blue too…