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The MichAGAIN reception took place last night at Top of the Hub – 50th floor of the Prudential Tower overlooking Boston and the harbor. It was a most picturesque setting to talk about the beauty of Michigan – more shoreline than any other state in the U.S., surrounded by inland seas that boast no salt and no sharks – and the hot job market that wants and needs top talent for our driving industries. The 80 plus attendees had stories to share of their experiences in Michigan – going to school at the University of Michigan, spending time on Lake Michigan, or growing up in the Upper Peninsula or Detroit. Some people came because they are interested in exploring Michigan as an alternative to Boston. To support this interest and remove common concerns, many myths were challenged – you can, in fact, find more than one great opportunity as a life scientist or software programmer or engineer. Most importantly, new connections were made.

We were joined by Laurie Sutherland of Google, Nancy Jorrisen and Heidi Formella of Terumo CVS, Stephen Rapundalo of MichBio, and Gerry Cox of Velesco – all discussed the job opportunities available with their companies and across the region. They also shared their own MichAGAIN stories. To be sure, attendees are interested in the information provided by Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Oakland County’s Medical Main Street, and Ann Arbor SPARK, but they really come to meet the employers and hear their perspectives. Michigan employers are the main attraction!

In addition to finding the best clam chowder ever (Heidi), employers who attend MichAGAIN events meet qualified talent leads in an intimate setting. As MichAGAIN evolves, there will be even more opportunities for employers to access talent. For example, relationships with colleges and universities in MichAGAIN target regions are being fostered in order to open up new pipelines for Michigan employers to meet young college graduates – yet another strategy for recruiting talent to Michigan.

If you are an employer seeking talent, you may want to consider traveling with us to the next MichAGAIN trip – DC October 22-24. We will keep a place for you on the agenda to tell your own MichAGAIN story!