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The SPARK Entrepreneur Boot Camp is really something special.  We read often about ‘Boot Camps’ around the country that help entrepreneurs start their new companies.  But when we drill down to see what is offered, their format, the content, etc. we come back to the same conclusion; the SPARK Entrepreneur Boot Camp is unique. 

We have been providing this Boot Camp twice a year since 2002.  181 companies have gone through the two day program each paying $1,000 tuition.  Sound like a lot?  We often get that from boot strapping entrepreneurs.  Understandably so.  But time and time again our surveys receive a thumbs up from every participant.  We get comments like it was the best time and money spent at this critical time in their development. 

Do we have hard evidence of a return on that tuition investment?  How about the fact that these campers have raised over $20 million in equity and just under $20 million in grants since their participation in the program.  Sensigen was a Boot Camp company in 2002.  They raised more than a million in private equity and recently sold to Sequenom (SQNM).  Michigan Aerospace attended Boot Camp last year and is building their company with a million dollars of grant money.

You can apply now to attend our next Boot Camp November 5 & 6.  You won’t be the same company coming out of camp as you were going in.  It’s a good investment in yourself.