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Ann Arbor Spark

April 21, 2015

Armune BioScience set to double Ann Arbor lab size this year

Armune BioScience plans to double its staff at its Ann Arbor laboratory as revenues start coming in from its cancer blood test, Apifiny.

"We expect to add 3-4 more techs by September," David Esposito, president & CEO of Armune BioScience.

The Kalamazoo-based business landed a $2.5 million Series A financing round last year. That money allowed Armune BioScience to finish developing its innovative, non-PSA blood test to aid in the early detection of prostate cancer. It launched that blood test commercially last year.

"We want to be running 1,500 tests a month by the end of the year," Esposito says.

Armune BioScience currently employs six people and is looking to hire a couple of people right now to help meet the rising demand for Apifiny. It is also raising a $2.5 million Series B, which it hopes to close this summer.

"We feel volume will drive the need for more head count," Esposito says.

Source: David Esposito, president & CEO of Armune BioScience
Writer: Jon Zemke

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