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Arbor Insight Acquired by Global Compliance Leader, ComplianceLine

Arbor Insight aquired by ComplianceLine

SPARK client Arbor Insight Aquired buy ComplianceLine

Ann Arbor, Michigan, January 21, 2021 – Arbor Insight, a boundary-breaking developer of conversation management software was acquired by ComplianceLine. ComplianceLine specializes in people-focused compliance solutions through creating flexible software tools for companies and empathetic client interactions. As a company with international reach, ComplianceLine is redefining the standards for compliance training, case management, and issue intake, among other key services. 

ComplianceLine will utilize Arbor Insight’s mobile app and web form to address its growing demand for tech integration. These tools will lead to improved efficiency and thorough investigations as companies navigate ethics and compliance cases. The effectiveness of Arbor Insight’s app will lead to lower overhead for companies and a reduction in time spent identifying safety, security, and ethics issues. 

Since 2013, Arbor Insight has been a client of Ann Arbor SPARK and participated in our Incubator Program. They were the recipient of numerous Business Accelerator grants funded by the Ann Arbor Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA). These grants connected the company to resources for marketing and sales operations consulting as well as talented interns. 

About Arbor Insight

Acquired by ComplianceLine, Arbor Insight is the home of intelligent staff report intake software solutions that uncover more timely, actionable contextual details from apps and online forms via digitized, expert-driven interviews. Created by a proprietary process that combines Subject Matter Expert knowledge and Machine Intelligence, our extensible intelligent interviews support leaders who rely on the observations of non-experts to inform critical business decisions.

About ComplianceLine 

We are the industry leader in integrated hotline and risk mitigation services, existing to improve the lives of all those we serve. We help you diminish possible negative outcomes of employee actions in your organization. World-class ComplianceLine compliance and risk management solutions integrate directly with executive-level ethics and compliance programs to help fulfill a company’s duty to create a safe workplace. You can establish a secure, efficient, and comprehensive mechanism for employees to anonymously report issues, more safely hire and retain good people, and monitor the security of your organization with ComplianceLine.