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Ann Arbor’s R2 Space Receives Defense Innovation Unit Award

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Accelerating Michigan’s space industry amid COVID-19

R2 Space, Inc. announced today that it was awarded a contract by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). DIU is charged with pulling in the nation’s best innovative commercial technologies for use by the Department of Defense (DoD). DIU will accelerate R2 Space’s cutting-edge RADAR satellite technology capable of imaging the earth during the day, at night, and through the clouds.

“R2 Space is excited to bring this contract to the State of Michigan,” said CEO and co-founder of R2 Space, Reuben Sorensen. “Michigan brings unmatched depth in high-tech manufacturing. We will use this contract to showcase how America’s Trusted Foundry can deliver affordable and reliable satellite technology needed to help DoD address critical national security challenges.”

In late 2019, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Ann Arbor SPARK worked with R2 Space to establish the company’s headquarters in Ann Arbor. One of the area’s first companies in the space industry, R2 Space opened its offices in the historic Argus Building where they constructed a cleanroom to support satellite integration and testing. The company made a commitment to the State of Michigan to create over 30 new jobs over the next two years. R2 Space is well on its way to that goal, hiring 18 people since last November with plans to hire 20 more.

“Congratulations to R2 Space on this exciting new contract,” said Paul Krutko, president and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK. “Ann Arbor SPARK has worked with the company since it chose to locate here and continues to support its growth as it adds new people to its team. The Ann Arbor region is the ideal location for high tech companies that need a world-class engineering and manufacturing talent pool to fuel their success.”

This DIU contract comes at a crucial time when Michigan needs it the most, as COVID-19 strikes at the heart of America’s Motor City. “R2 Space is not only devoted to our current employees in this difficult time. We are looking to grow our family,” says Sorensen, a Michigan native. “I’m proud to come home and build this company in a state defined by perseverance. COVID-19 will not slow down the R2 Team.”

About R2 SPACE

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, R2 Space builds, launches, and operates micro RADAR satellite technology as a service to the US Government. R2 Space offers its US Government customers rapid delivery and automated processing of its space-based RADAR intelligence to enable timely and more informed decision-making.