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Tech firms Aysling and Juggernaut are merging, but the combination of the two companies isn't going to be difficult.

"We have shared the same office (they are both in the old Borders headquarters) for several years now," Emily Kania, director of marketing for Aysling.

Aysling, formerly known as Aysling Digital Media Solutions, sells and manages Adobe and WoodWing digital publishing software and digital media production services for publishers, retailers, and corporations. Juggernaut develops its own customer relationship management platform. Aysling will now sell and manage Juggernaut’s software.

The Ann Arbor-based companies are both connected through local angel investor David Fry. "He's invested heavily in both companies," Kania says.

Juggernaut's nine employees are now assimilated into Aysling's operations and will work under the Aysling brand. The company has a staff of 32 employees and one intern. It has hired seven people over the last year, mostly in software development, sales, and a new controller.

Source: Emily Kania, director of marketing for Aysling
Writer: Jon Zemke

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