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Ann Arbor SPARK Honors Thriving “Gazelle” Companies at 25th Annual FastTrack Awards

September 17, 2023 Press Releases
SPARK President and CEO Paul Krutko leads a champagne toast at the 2023 FastTrack awards.

Recognizing the Accelerated Advancement of Local Enterprises in the Ann Arbor Area

Ann Arbor, MI – September 15, 2023 – Embracing a spirit of innovation and achievement, Ann Arbor SPARK proudly honored 19 dynamic “gazelle” organizations at the 25th annual FastTrack Awards, a pivotal component of a2Tech360.

The remarkable “gazelles” span a spectrum of sizes, from agile startups to thriving corporations, characterized by their exceptional growth trajectory with an average annual revenue surge of 20 percent over three years, stemming from an initial revenue benchmark of $100,000 or more. This year’s accolades celebrated a diverse range of industries, including architecture, IT solutions, plush animals, genomic intelligence, medical imaging, professional chauffeur services, and more.

SPARK President and CEO Paul Krutko noted, “The FastTrack Awards shine a spotlight on the extraordinary innovation and enduring growth exhibited by both smaller enterprises and larger corporations in our region. These awards emphasize growth over size, showcasing the exceptional journey of each honoree. We are thrilled to elevate their success stories as part of a2Tech360.”

A testament to unparalleled consistency, DocNetwork, a pioneering electronic health record system serving camps, child care centers, and schools, garnered its eighth consecutive FastTrack Award, reinforcing its role as the longest-standing awardee.

The distinguished FastTrack Award laureates were celebrated on Friday, September 15 at the University of Michigan Golf Club. Ann Arbor SPARK extends heartfelt gratitude to its partners and event sponsors, including Rehmann, responsible for award application verification, Northstar Bank, and the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti SmartZone Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA).

One-Year Award Winners 

Blumira, Inc.

Blumira, an innovative SaaS company in the information security industry, provides an automated threat detection and response platform. Designed for swift cybersecurity threat identification and resolution, their cloud-delivered solution is tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises. By launching the market’s first open XDR platform for SMBs in 2023, Blumira enhances detection and response capabilities, expediting ransomware and breach prevention in hybrid setups. This comprehensive solution combines SIEM, endpoint visibility, and automated response, empowering time-constrained IT teams.

CTC Technologies, Inc.

CTC Technologies stands out through its exceptional combination of wired and wireless network services, cutting-edge IT solutions, and comprehensive low-voltage cabling offerings. Their distinctive approach lies in seamlessly integrating these components to provide holistic and tailored solutions for businesses. This integration optimizes connectivity, enhances operational efficiency, and ensures smooth communication, setting CTC Technologies apart as a comprehensive and innovative technology partner. 

In Parallel Architects + Builders

In Parallel Architects + Builders is an architect-led design and construction practice based in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids that combines visionary design with seamless construction expertise. Their unique approach integrates creative architectural concepts with efficient construction processes, resulting in remarkable spaces that harmoniously blend form and function. 

The Bear Factory, LLC

The Bear Factory has been the leading unstuffed plush supplier worldwide in innovation, quality, and sustainability since it was founded in 2001. With the creation of “Plush for the Planet,” the first sustainable stuffed plush line made of recycled fabrics, The Bear Factory remains the industry leader in environmentally conscious plush products worldwide. As an award-winning full-service plush provider, their mission is to create lasting memories while also educating the next generation on the importance of animal and environmental conservation.

Two-Year Award Winners

All Arbor Custom Fence

All Arbor Custom Fence is known for its unique approach to crafting custom fences that combine aesthetics and functionality. Their team’s attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure each project is a distinctive outdoor addition. They excel in transforming ordinary spaces into havens by blending creative design with expert craftsmanship. All Arbor Custom Fence stands out for its dedication to enhancing landscapes and providing privacy through thoughtful and well-executed fencing solutions.

Amy Cell Talent

Amy Cell Talent is a forward-thinking talent acquisition company that focuses on startups and innovation-based organizations. They stand out for their holistic approach, blending deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology. By offering personalized solutions and strategic insights, Amy Cell Talent ensures optimal staffing matches for both employers and job seekers. Their commitment to fostering meaningful connections and staying abreast of industry trends sets them apart, making them a dependable partner in the ever-evolving technology landscape.


Genomenon is a genomic intelligence company that’s saving and improving the lives of patients by making DNA information actionable. Combining artificial intelligence with an expert team of scientists, Genomenon enables accelerated diagnosis of cancer and rare diseases, and the development of treatments for these diseases. Genomenon recently announced its goal to be the first to curate the human genome, which will provide unprecedented insight to the medical community for the advancement of precision medicine.

Our Sci, LLC

Our Sci supports community-driven science through software, hardware, and training. They specialize in creating accessible, open-source platforms and tools for citizens to create and manage their own research collaborations. Our Sci enables communities to build these shared research endeavors using open-source tools and FAIR (finable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) data standards.  The long-term goal is to create a culture in which all community members can not only contribute to, but also benefit from, these projects.

Treetown Tech

Treetown Tech is a forward-thinking technology solutions provider, offering a comprehensive range of services from software development to hardware design. Their expertise lies in developing innovative and customized solutions that meet specific business needs. What sets them apart is their holistic approach, seamlessly integrating software and hardware components to create robust and efficient systems. Treetown Tech’s commitment to tailored solutions makes them a valuable partner for businesses seeking effective technology implementations.

VTS – Virtual Technology Simplified

VTS excels in state-of-the-art medical imaging solutions. Their expertise and emphasis on cutting-edge technology enable a wide spectrum of radiology services, encompassing MRI, CT, and X-ray scans. What distinguishes them is their unwavering dedication to precision, efficiency, and patient well-being. VTS has ingeniously created an app and portal that facilitate precise 3D capture and mapping using iOS devices.

Three-Year Award Winners

AdAdapted, Inc.

AdAdapted is a unique marketing technology company focused on CPG and grocery that specializes in seamlessly integrating brands into mobile apps. By providing a non-intrusive approach to advertising, AdAdapted enhances the user experience while delivering targeted messages to consumers. Through its proprietary platform, the company ensures relevant ad placements that align with app content. This distinctive approach benefits both advertisers and app developers by fostering authentic user engagement and driving conversions, setting AdAdapted apart in the competitive advertising technology landscape.


SkySpecs collaborates with its customers to simplify renewable energy asset management to deliver industry-leading productivity. Specializing in drone-based inspection and data analysis, the company offers cost-effective and efficient maintenance for wind turbines. SkySpecs’ innovative technology minimizes downtime and reduces operational costs by identifying and diagnosing issues quickly. Their automated approach enhances safety and increases the overall productivity of wind energy operations, making them a crucial player in optimizing renewable energy infrastructure.

Four-Year Award Winners

Metric Marketing

Metric Marketing is a data-driven digital marketing company that focuses on delivering effective strategies to optimize online presence and drive business growth. Specializing in leveraging analytics and market insights, they tailor solutions to enhance client engagement and ROI. Through their collaborative approach, Metric Marketing stands out by aligning business objectives with precise targeting, making informed decisions based on measurable data, and fostering lasting partnerships.

Rydberg Technologies

Rydberg Technologies is a developer of quantum and photonic technologies for commercial, government, and defense industries. They focus on developing cutting-edge quantum sensing, measurement, imaging, and communications hardware. Their unique approach lies in harnessing the properties of Rydberg atoms to revolutionize the world of electric and magnetic field detection.  Rydberg Technologies is building a platform quantum technology to better see and measure the electromagnetic landscape that is vital to our technology-driven world.

Five-Year Award Winners

Golden Limousine International

Golden Limousine International is a ground transportation company renowned for its professional chauffeur services. With a comprehensive fleet and a legacy of over 29 years, Golden Limousine excels in providing reliable, luxurious, and efficient travel solutions for corporate and private clients alike. Their commitment to punctuality, safety, and personalized service sets them apart, ensuring seamless journeys tailored to individual needs.

The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC)

TRUiC provides free, actionable tools to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. Started in 2009, the company has grown to $9M in revenue with over 40 employees. The company provides valuable resources, such as business registration and planning, with user-friendly templates and step-by-step instructions. TRUiC’s unique value is in demystifying intricate business procedures, enabling individuals to navigate the early stages of entrepreneurship confidently and efficiently. Through their accessible approach, they empower startups to make informed decisions and foster sustainable growth.

Seven-Year Award Winners

Beal Properties, Inc.

Beal Properties specializes in property management and real estate investment services. With a proven track record, they efficiently manage properties, ensuring optimal returns for investors. Their expertise lies in strategic property acquisition, meticulous tenant selection, and effective maintenance. By leveraging market insights and a streamlined approach, they stand out for their ability to navigate the complexities of real estate, providing stability and growth potential to clients’ portfolios.

InfoReady Corporation

InfoReady is the all-in-one platform powering higher education’s selection and approval processes. InfoReady’s user-friendly software brings together the entire process of form building, document collection, routing, review, notification, and reporting into one platform. By powering more than 50 percent of the nation’s largest research universities, InfoReady helps the best ideas and people rise to the top for funding, awards and more. Commanding a nearly 100 percent annual retention rate, InfoReady counts loyal clients across over 200 campuses.

Eight-Year Award Winner


DocNetwork helps youth-serving organizations keep kids safe and healthy while they’re away from home through its Electronic Health Record solution. DocNetwork’s customizable platform streamlines the gathering of critical medical information such as allergies, medication requirements, and injuries and illnesses. Eliminating the errors and administrative burden associated with paper forms allows staff to focus their time and energy on program participants and keeping parents’ minds at ease.

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