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Ann Arbor SPARK and MICHauto Partnership Accelerates Mobility Sector Growth

March 7, 2024 Mobility News

In an effort to foster growth within Michigan’s mobility ecosystem, Ann Arbor SPARK has formed a strategic partnership with MICHauto. This collaboration is aimed at leveraging the strengths of both organizations to extend enhanced benefits to clients, particularly those in the mobility and advanced automotive industries. 

A notable outcome of this alliance is the inclusion of LiveRoad Analytics, an Ann Arbor SPARK client and early-stage growth startup, in MICHauto’s Innovator Xchange Program. Scheduled to begin on March 20, the program offers a platform for companies to engage in strategic networking, attend key industry events, and participate in working groups focusing on policy, advocacy, and talent development over the course of one year. This initiative is designed to cultivate innovation, collaboration, and growth among startups and established entities within the mobility sector.

Sarah Cicotte, mobility director at Ann Arbor SPARK, shared her insights on the importance of the partnership: “This collaboration with MICHauto represents a vital step in connecting Ann Arbor’s mobility sector with broader regional efforts. It’s essential for Ann Arbor to be actively involved in discussions and initiatives that shape the future of mobility, ensuring our community’s contributions and needs are recognized.”

LiveRoad Analytics is poised to significantly benefit from its participation in the Innovator Xchange Program. Harriet Chen-Pyle, chief ecosystem officer and co-founder at LiveRoad Analytics, expressed her enthusiasm about the opportunities the program presents, stating, “The support from Ann Arbor SPARK and our collaboration with MICHauto through the Innovator Xchange Program is a tremendous boost for LiveRoad. This is more than a networking opportunity; it’s a launchpad for accessing critical resources, gaining industry insights, and forging partnerships that are essential for a startup’s growth and expansion.”

LiveRoad Analytics has been closely supported by Ann Arbor SPARK, demonstrating SPARK’s commitment to nurturing emerging startups within the mobility sector. Housed at SPARK Central, LiveRoad has been an active participant in two of SPARK’s flagship programs designed to bolster startup success: the GEM Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program and the LDFA EIR program. These initiatives have provided LiveRoad with access to seasoned mentors, strategic advice, and a supportive community that fosters innovation and growth. Furthermore, LiveRoad has been a recipient of the Business Accelerator Grant, a testament to its potential and the confidence in its trajectory towards making significant impacts in the mobility ecosystem. 

The partnership between Ann Arbor SPARK and MICHauto, particularly through the Innovator Xchange Program, marks a critical step forward for Michigan’s mobility ecosystem. By enabling connections between startups and industry leaders, offering strategic resources, and promoting a collaborative environment, this alliance aims to drive forward innovation and growth in the mobility and advanced automotive sectors.

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