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Ann Arbor Mobility Summit: Shaping the Future of Transportation and Mobility

Mobility Summit cover

Ann Arbor is set to host the highly anticipated Ann Arbor Mobility Summit as part of the a2Tech360 event series, bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and stakeholders from the mobility and electrification sectors. The summit, organized by Ann Arbor SPARK and the LDFA, is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 19th at The Kensington Hotel.

With a robust agenda designed to explore the latest advancements and opportunities in the realm of mobility and electrification, the Ann Arbor Mobility Summit promises to be an unparalleled gathering of industry professionals and enthusiasts. The Summit aims to spark insightful discussions, drive collaborative solutions, and catalyze new partnerships that will shape the future of transportation.

Keynote Address by Garlin Gilchrist II, Lt. Governor for the State of Michigan
The Summit will kick off with a powerful keynote address by Garlin Gilchrist II, the Lt. Governor for the State of Michigan. Lt. Governor Gilchrist has been a staunch advocate for sustainable mobility and the electrification of transportation. His address is expected to provide valuable insights into the State’s vision for a greener and more connected future, and how it aligns with larger national and global objectives.

Fireside Chat: The Past, The Present, The Future – Chief Mobility Officers’ Perspectives
One of the Summit’s highlights is an engaging fireside chat featuring Justine Johnson, Chief Mobility Officer at the Michigan Office of Future Mobility & Electrification (OFME), and Kathryn Snorrason, Interim Chief Mobility Officer at the same office as they discuss the past, present, and future of mobility innovation in Michigan. This session will reflect on why OFME was created, highlight progress made over the last 3+ years, and explore OFME’s vision for the future.

Mayors Redefining Communities
Another highlight of the agenda is a thought-provoking panel session titled “Mobility and Equity: How Mayors are Shifting the Local Narratives.” Join esteemed visionaries including Christopher Taylor, Mayor of Ann Arbor, MI; Melanie Piana, Mayor of Ferndale, MI; John Bauters, Mayor of Emeryville, CA; Khalfani Stephens, Deputy Mayor of Pontiac, MI; and Nick Moroz, Mayor of Plymouth, MI.

These progressive mayors exemplify the forefront of change, harnessing transportation and mobility to address systemic inequalities within their communities. Their innovative strategies drive inclusive growth, forging just and accessible cities for all residents. Prepare to be inspired by these local leaders who are reshaping the future with equity and mobility as their guiding beacons.

Diverse Agenda and Networking Opportunities
In addition to the keynote and fireside chat, the Summit will feature panel discussions, and interactive sessions led by prominent industry experts, entrepreneurs, and researchers. Attendees will have ample opportunities to connect, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that will contribute to the continued growth of the mobility and electrification ecosystem.

The agenda is designed to cover a wide spectrum of topics, including:

  • Advance Aerial Mobility
  • Exploring Accessibility Opportunities and Challenges
  • Building Connections in the Mobility Ecosystems of Ann Arbor and Detroit
  • Drivers and Barriers to Electrification
  • Sustainability and Tomorrow’s Workforce

The event will conclude with a cocktail reception and opportunities for networking.

Ann Arbor SPARK is grateful to our sponsors, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification, and the LDFA.

Registration and More Information
Interested participants can visit to secure their spot and access additional information about the event, including the detailed agenda, speaker profiles, and sponsorship opportunities. Early bird tickets are available at just $100 until August 20th, a savings of $50.

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