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Ever click on an online house listing, think you found the idea home, and call the real-estate agent only to learn it’s no longer on the market? Luke Petty and Eric Pointer, both local real-estate veterans, were quite familiar with the phenomenon and launched their own startup to combat it.

Agentjet is an online platform that provides high-quality real-estate listings with the best data available online. No more highs and lows of finding what my be the perfect home and then finding out someone else bought it. Check out a video describing the service here.

"You're not going to get any false data," says Hank Brown, CEO of Agentjet. "If a house says it’s for sale then it's for sale."

The Ann Arbor-based startup launched in 2012 and has grown to 11 people. It has hired four people over the last year, including Brown. It is now looking to add three more, including a customer service rep and a telephone sales professional. Agentjet currently has 500 real-estate agents utilizing its service.

"It has been growing very well," Brown says. "It was just about at break-even when they hired me back in August."

Agentjet is planning to undergo a large marketing push in 2015. The company has spent its first few years perfecting its software and plans to take the firm national this year.

"We're planning a major launch of the product in 2015 where we will expand our coverage area," Brown says.

Source: Hank Brown, CEO of Agentjet
Writer: Jon Zemke

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