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After Colorado and Oregon, Finance Professional Chooses Ann Arbor

May 11, 2020 Talent
Scott Thomas playing hockey
Scott Thomas headshot

According to Scott Thomas, returning to Ann Arbor was always in his future. “After high school, I moved out to Boulder, Colorado for college. While I always pictured myself moving back to Ann Arbor, I graduated in 2008 during the Great Recession and had to grab any opportunity that came my way.”

That first opportunity was with Deloitte. Scott lived in Denver for six years before relocating to Portland, Oregon. “Even though I was ready to move back to Michigan, I knew once I returned, I’d be there for good. I ended up moving to Portland — sight unseen — which was probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I tend to be ‘risk adverse’ — which isn’t really surprising given my career choice.”

When Scott was finally ready to return to Michigan, he didn’t take into consideration that finding the right culture fit was a crucial part of being happy in your career. “My first two jobs after college were great companies filled with smart, young career-driven people which fostered a great work culture. Because this was the only experience I knew, I thought all places were like that. Unfortunately, my first job back in Michigan did not have that same culture. I quickly realized that it wasn’t the right fit.”

Around that same time, Scott saw a job posting on the SPARK Job Portal for an opportunity with Domino’s. “I was really impressed with the job portal. It’s a useful resource for companies looking to fill positions, especially in Ann Arbor’s growing tech community.”

Scott Thomas playing hockey in Pure Michigan sweatshirt.

After doing some research about Domino’s culture and speaking to some folks he knew who worked there, Scott applied for and eventually got the job. “I’ve now been there a little over two years and I couldn’t be happier. It has a great culture, and I’m finally back in Ann Arbor where I wanted to be all along.” For Scott, the biggest anchor to Ann Arbor was his family. “It also always seemed like the perfect-sized city with the right mix of restaurants, culture, and recreation. Living and working in Ann Arbor means a short commute, giving me lots of time to enjoy the city with friends and family.”